Non Pietatem Erit

by Fathomhell

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Fathomhell born early 2010 in the ancient town of Cuenca. Its mystic nature along with the aversion to modern society, led the ideal terrain for the begetting of this piece: a misanthrope oeuvre with apocalyptic & mortuary visions that led us to a gnarled journey to the depths of the abyss.

-CD edition self-released through Kunaki
-Pro-Tape edition released by the German label Runenstein Records and limited to 66 hand-numbered copies:

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released February 1, 2013

-All music composed by Ludwigar
-All lyrics written by Al-Wars
-Recorded, mixed and mastered by José L. Palacios ( La Dama Oscura Producciones: and Dojo Producciones: )



all rights reserved


Fathomhell Cuenca, Spain

Official FATHOMHELL Bandcamp.

Black Metal from Cuenca, Spain.


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Track Name: Devours the Light, Eats their Souls
Only Death is in my mind
desperation are my sight
putrid bowels inside me
are the reason of my disease

Visions of Death
devoured by darkness
hellfire flames
is the true blackness

Surruonded by dark desires
I break the chains of madness
I'm the beast of self-destruction
I'm my worst nightmare

I need blood to my sacrifice
I want sent to hell their souls
so that their echoes of pain
are heard in the heaven's gates!

Blackened power of hate
destroying the fucking world
Blackened power of hate
devours the light, eat their souls!!

The vultures of Doom are eating my eyes!!
My empty soul is more cold than ice!!
I'm a fucking cadaver...
I'm buried alive...

Pestilence and shadows
perverted human blood
sharp bones of angels
blazing mask of death

My inner war is coming...
thirst for blood and fire
into the nothingness
I'm reaping death!!

Blackened power of hate
destroying the fucking world

Blackened power of hate
devours the light, eat their souls!!
Track Name: Illusions of Death
The evil... Slaughterous...
A damnation... Baptized my flesh...

In the trees... Of desolate forest...
Where the cold... Blinds me...

From the river... Where pest flows...
Serpents... Drink your soul...

Black goats... Are glooming...
They are waiting... Your sacrifice...

Blasphemies... Awake in the dark!
Shadows... From (the) moon come...
Howls... Of the undead wolves!
Silence... In the absolute nothingness...

Are illusions of the death... Real?
Frozen scythe... Takes me...

In this eternal night!
I want! I need die!
Track Name: Fall to the Infinite Depths of Abyss
I will fall... Into the abyss...
Sorrounded... In my nightmares...

Demons! Skinning my soul!

Frozen... Fire...
Infinite despair!

Eternal... Travel...
Consume my life!

Open…Thy eyes…
The end is near!!

Infinite... Depths...
Of the abyss!

A life given over to the Dark
Fall! into the Eternal Depths of Hell!

To darkness crawls all my past
Those nightmares that would not let me live

That pain still haunts me
Pain that last for all eternity
Track Name: Fathom Hell
Hunger of... Angels blood
Sacrifice... Creation of God
Left Hand Path... Is our way
666 number... Of the Antichrist!

Born in Hell... Satan's sons
Troops of Doom... Conquer the world
Apocalypse... Destroys all
The Seven Trumpets... Sounds from the Kingdom of Heaven!

Flames of Phlegethon... Burns Eden
Stygian souls... Sent to war
Laments of Cocytus... Despair and scare
Dead souls... Go to hell by the Acheron!

Sargatanas... Opens the gates
To terror and pain... To death and blood
Astaroth... Commands his troops
And Lucifer... Breaks the chains of god's slaves!

Fallen angels in battle
Rape the purity

Flaming churches of christianity
with the darkest arts

Qliphas breaks the equilibrium
Of the universe

End is near summon
The Mahapralaya

Ab Tartaro septuaginta duo spiritus regis Salomonis ascendunt!

From Fathom Hell awakening
The ghouls and demons

The light turns to darkness into
Domains of pandemonium

Grey clouds flood the world and torment
Angels and archangels

The echoes of Death and Chaos
Infect the sacred Land

Usque fine magis absoluto, non pietatem erit...!